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Real Estate Law


     Kenneth J. Macksoud represents a wide range of clients from individuals to international sureties and construction companies. Taking pride in the results he obtains for all. His extensive experience enables Kenneth to provide superior resolution of simple and common issues to the most complex of conflicts in the area of real estate law.

Commercial, Residential,  Landlord  & Tenant Law

  Our attorney services represent landlords and tenants alike in lease negotiations and lease disputes, for commercial properties.

     Whether the parties are negotiating a commercial lease or disputing the terms of an existing agreement, both sides have specific rights and obligations that must be considered. In determining each respective parties’ rights and obligations, disputes often arise. In these situations, an experienced landlord/tenant attorney can be a crucial advisor and negotiator.

     Kenneth represents clients in the negotiation, drafting, and execution of commercial leases with an emphasis on attempting to prevent later lease disputes. If disputes do arise, however, we work diligently to protect our clients’ rights in scenarios involving, unpaid rent, abandonment, property damage, security deposit disputes, or failure to conduct repairs.

      Ken also navigates clients through Rhode Island statutes that regulate different parts of the landlord/tenant relationship. In connection with commercial leases, specifically, we also work to resolve disputes related to CAM charges (Common Area Maintenance), build-out, easements, facility usage, signage and security matters.

We know how to advise our clients in advance to protect their rights and remedies and how to enforce those rights and remedies if the need should arise.