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Personal Injury

Kenneth J. Macksoud has successfully obtained substantial monetary compensation on behalf of individuals who have been injured or for families of those killed due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. Our law firm is one of the most experienced and most respected plaintiff’s personal injury law firms in the region.  Kenneth will fight ruthlessly for the compensation you deserve.



Here at Kenneth J. Macksoud our attorney services understand the emotional and physical challenges that develop following a car accident. And when extensive injuries, property damage and even death occur, you and your loved ones deserve to be compensated for your losses. Unfortunately, there are regulations in place in the state of Rhode Island that complicate insurance claims and make it difficult to recover compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering without the help of a lawyer. In these cases, Kenneth will work relentlessly on your behalf, collecting, analyzing and presenting evidence to ensure you receive the fair and just settlement you deserve.

Slips and Falls
Slip and fall injuries occur every day and can result in significant injuries. Kenneth will help determine if the cause of the fall was negligence and who should be held responsible and our attorney services can help get you the compensation you deserve.
Dog Bites
Sometimes even Man’s best friend can make a mess of our person or property.  These incidents are frightening and painful.  Our attorney services have decades of experience helping victims receive the compensation deserved when a pet owner fails to take accountability for their four-legged friends.
Pedestrian Accidents
Due to the vulnerability of pedestrians, injuries from being hit by a car are often physically and emotionally severe. It is common for a driver’s insurer to make a quick settlement offer to injured pedestrians. This is almost always too low and does not take into account long-term needs of the injured person. You need an experienced lawyer to help you collect fair compensation for your injuries.  Allow our attorney services fight for what you deserve.
“I am so thankful for Kenneth.  When I tried to settle with the insurance company on my own I knew I was walking into another way to get blindsided.  So I made a phone call.  Kenneth fought for me and helped me get more than I thought even possible.”

Lisa S.  Auto Accident Client

Kenneth J. Macksoud, Esq.